Welcome to Riley Register Spares Ltd

Register Members now need to login with their membership number and Riley Register password you were originally provided to gain full access to the site contents and to order spares on-line. We have created accounts for all members with an email address. Accounts can be created for other members once we have an email address.

The site offers you the ability to change your RRSL password to something memorable to you. We advise you to do that and that new password you set will be the one you need to access the RRSL pages. If you forget the password you have set then just click on “Lost your password?“, the system will then prompt you for your user ID or email address and send you a mail to enable you to reset your password

If you have forgotten your original 5 character password please contact either Roger Wrapson or Gerry Parker to be reminded.

Visitors to the site can navigate to see the content available but spare parts can only be purchased by members of the Riley Register.

Join our Club

To purchase parts from us and view the full range of documentation, you need to be a member of our parent car club: THE RILEY REGISTER.
Membership is available from the club site at: www.rileyregister.co.uk

We provide a range of spare parts for Riley Motor Cars manufactured in Coventry between 1924 and 1940. Riley Register Spares Ltd produce and sell replacement parts that are not readily available from commercial sources. We focus on quality, investing to ensure that you receive superior products directly interchangeable with the originals.