Welcome to Riley Register Spares Ltd

We provide a range of spare parts for Riley Motor Cars manufactured in Coventry between 1924 and 1940.

Riley Register Spares Ltd produce and sell replacement parts that are not readily available from commercial sources. We focus on quality, investing to ensure that you receive superior products directly interchangeable with the originals.

Visitors to our website will note that the information we provide for the items shown here refers where possible to the data contained in the original Riley parts book relevant to the model(s) concerned. We would highly recommend that members purchase one of these reproduction parts book for their car as they are a valuable source of information in their own right. Our storekeeper will be delighted to help with this.

There are 6 books in the series:-

PC1 is for the vintage 9HP;  PC2 is for PVT 9HP cars up to chassis no 6022600;  PC3 is for 9HP cars from chassis no 6022601 to the last of the Mk7 cars;  PC4 is for 9HP Merlin engined cars:  PC5 is for 12/6 and 14/6 cars; PC6 is for 12/4 and 15/6 cars ( Rileys only covered the early versions in this one unfortunately).

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To purchase parts from us and view the full range of documentation, you need to be a member of  THE RILEY REGISTER. Membership is available from the club site at: www.rileyregister.co.uk 

If you have renewed your membership and are having problems with login, please contact webmaster@rrsl.co.uk for assistance. Can we please remind Members that the Register and RRSL cannot accept payment card details in an email, and please let us know if you change your email address.