Help on using the Website

Welcome to the Riley Register Spare pages.

Main Features

  • Online Shop
    • Photographs for each part
    • Additional part descriptions and links to fitting instructions (where available)
    • Search function – using words or part numbers
    • Search filters for Engine Type
    • Automated ordering
    • Customer accounts
  • Fitting Instructions
  • Technical Notes and Articles
  • Company Reports

Ensuring the accuracy of parts information is hampered by the many undocumented changes that were made by Riley, so we would especially welcome any information that you can offer on specific part listing errors and additional data or references that you feel would improve the part descriptions and help other members identify the correct parts for their vehicles.

Finding Your Parts

There are several methods for finding a part that we stock on the site.

Window Shopping

If you would like to browse, to get a better understanding of the spares we offer, or because you’re not sure of a part number or description, click ‘Shop’ on the navigation bar – which will take you to a list of parts categories. Select the one appropriate for the part you are trying to find, by example Engine which comprises 273 individual parts.

That selection will then give you the next detailed breakdown under the category you have selected. This set of options starts with Cooling, Crankshaft Assembly, Gaskets & Washers etc, by example Gaskets & Washers which comprises 63 individual parts.

The select from the next set of choices to filter the list to the detail of the subcategory you have selected, by example Cylinder Head which comprises the nine alternatives RRSL offer.

You may then choose to use the Engine Type filter to narrow the list down to Cylinder Head Gasket appropriate to your engine type. Do remember to set this back to the All option when you navigate away otherwise the next search will inherit the filter option you had.

If you choose an Engine Type this will filter what is presented to only show all parts applicable to the selected engine type. The site will display pages of every part available for that engine type in part number order, twelve items per page. You can step through the pages to navigate what is available.


The search function (top right of every page) identifies specific information within the parts database, both the words in the titles and descriptions of parts and their unique part numbers. You need to be careful with you choice of words and/or number, the function will not identify similar terms or suggest possible alternatives.

Searching for ‘rocker’ will produce results listing every part with the word ‘rocker’ in its title or description, e.g. Rocker Box Gasket, Rocker Lever Assembly, or Rocker Shaft. If you search ’12/4 bolt’, the results will show every part that includes ’12/4′ and ‘bolt’ in its description.

If you don’t see items you expect in search results, the most likely cause is that you have used the word or part number that is not in the text on the web. For example, if you search ‘gasket’ you’ll get a list of every part that we call ‘gasket’. However, if you search ‘gaskets‘ you will produce zero results, because no individual part is called a ‘gaskets‘. Furthermore, some parts that you may expect to be described as a ‘gasket’ are actually called a ‘washer’, so will not appear in results searching for ‘gasket’. Therefore, if you’re not sure what the part would be called, in this case – go to the Engine Gaskets category and narrow your search by using the Engine Type Filter; this will display all items available in that category for your engine type, both ‘gaskets’ and ‘washers’.

Ordering Spares

Add parts to your shopping Cart by clicking the ‘Add to cart’ button. If you need more than one of any part, open the part description and type the number you require in the grey box immediately under the price (the default number is 1) and then click ‘Add to cart’.  You can also edit the number of each item you need on the Cart page, or remove any item you have added incorrectly. Proceed to Checkout when you every item you want in your Cart.

Customer Accounts

If you have previously ordered parts from the site, you details will be held on our secure server; you just need to login to your account.

New customers need to complete the online form, supplying their contact and delivery details before placing an order. Your details are quite safe and will never by shared with any third parties.

To find out more about placing orders, go to the Ordering Spares page.