The Directors value input from members and ask you to provide this using the Contact page.
We have provided 5 different contact options to allow us to channel your feedback to the appropriate people. These are outlined in the following.
We suffer from SPAM, as do many on-line systems, and we have implemented protection against these spam mails being forwarded to the team. The best way of ensuring your message gets through is to ensure it has a business like title and some significant details in the body text. With these changes, you will get an acknowledgement from the website when you submit but you will no longer get an acknowledging email from the system.

If you do not get an initial response within 7 days please contact Mike Lovibond or James Riley  by telephone to ensure your message has not been discarded by our SPAM filters. On occasions, our responses may get flagged as SPAM by your email, so it is worth checking the SPAM folders on your device before calling.

Please direct your Email to the appropriate Area by using one of the categories below in the SUBJECT line of your request…..

Parts List

…..If you are looking for a part you believe we sell and cannot find it on the Website, or need information to help you select the correct spares for your car. These enquiries go to the purchasing team and stores.


…..If you need advice on fitting a part, information regarding the technical specifications of a part, or engineering expertise. These enquiries go to the technical team.


…..If you’d like to share your thoughts about the parts and services we offer drop us a line.This feedback goes to the directors.

New Part Request

…..If you are recommending we add a new part to our Catalogue please provide details using this option. What it is, why and any feedback on demand will be needed to support you request. These enquiries go to the directors.


…..Any concerns over parts we have supplied should be directed to this contact. These enquiries go to the quality team.


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