10BA73: Brake Drum Retaining Screw


10BA73: Brake Drum Retaining Screw

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Brake Drum Retaining Screw (1/4″ BSF x 7/16″, slotted, countersunk) for 9hp Riley motor cars.

Variant: Mark 4 and then based on C/n see comments entry

Parts Catalogue 1: Page 39.
Brake Drum Fixing Screw [Mark 4 only.]

Parts Catalogue 2: Page 53.
Brake Drum Fixing Screw [F. G. H. I. J. K.]

Parts Catalogue 3: n/a.

Parts Catalogue 4: n/a.

Parts Catalogue 5: Page 63.
Brake Drum Fixing Screw [A. B. C. F. G. H.]

Parts Catalogue 6: n/a.

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