A1155: Half Shaft (RH – 6 Stud)

A1155: Half Shaft RH 6 stud

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RRSL advise members that they have ceased supplying the A1155 halfshaft but Vintage Riley Spares ( Graham Brown) and Blue Diamond Riley Services (John Lomas) do offer their replacement part for the member to consider.

Right Hand Half Shaft (6 stud, 26″) for 9hp (Mark 4, Mark 5, Mark 6 and Mark 7), ¬†12/6 and 14/6 Riley motor cars.

9 hp Variants: Mark 4, Mark 5, Mark 6, Mark 7

Parts Catalogue 1: Page 37

Axle Shaft, R/H – only supplied with hub A1144 pressed on [Mark 4 only.]

Parts Catalogue 2: Page 51

A1155 : Hub and Axle Shaft, R.H. (Only supplied complete) [F. G. H. I. J. K.]

Parts Catalogue 3: n/a

Parts Catalogue 4: n/a

Parts Catalogue 5: Page 55

A1155 etc,: Hub and Axle Shaft, R.H., with Studs (Only supplied complete) [A. C. F. G. H.]

Parts Catalogue 6: n/a