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Directors’ Report: March 2015

RRSL Bolts & Fixings

Thank you for your responses to the questionnaire, to date 120 members have provided a response and we will close the survey at the end of March. If you have not yet had the chance to respond, please try to do so before the deadline.  We are already starting to analyse the results and we will report back in the next Newsletter.  To help members to provide constructive feedback, later in the year we will provide a brief feedback form with all orders, for recipients to complete and return.

The Annual Business review took place on the 29th January, with Chris Tavener and Roger Wrapson from the Register Committee present, to add their contribution. We were in broad agreement that RRSL exists to provide Riley spare parts that are not commercially available elsewhere. So please continue to let us know about parts that you cannot source. We always review what the commercial providers have available before we commit to have a part made. If the part is available elsewhere we let all members know via the Newsletter. We discussed the financial challenges that restocking poses when suppliers demand larger minimum orders and some options were discussed.

Engine Oil

Our article on Crankshafts in the last Newsletter generated a number of questions with regard to suitable engine oils. We will explore this topic in a more detailed article, but in the interim, we reiterate the key points.

Before recommending a product, your supplier needs to know:

  1. if your engine does or does not have an oil filter; and
  2. that your engine has white metal and bronze bearings; and
  3. the interval between oil changes; how often and when you have replaced the engine oil.

Project Updates

9E516: Round Rocker Box Lid Washer

These are now back in stock following a change of material to rubberised cork, because of the issue we reported to you in September 2014.

Mk 1, 2 & 3 Kingpins

The drawings are in progress and we would expect to get quotes in the next couple of months.
Some members have reported that one of the issues with original components was the pin being loose in the axle eye. If you have any experience with these early kingpins, please contact Gerry Parker on 01952 610 788.

Big 4 Rocker Cover Gaskets

Drawings are still being prepared for these.

Storesman’s Report

Is the worst of the winter weather over? Time to get out to the garage and give your Riley a good inspection before the season starts in earnest.

Stocks are good and we can be confident of supplying most of your needs. Even if you cannot find the correct part number, a quick phone call will easily check if we have the correct size in stock. Very often, a bolt or stud will fit different parts. For example, E753 – the stud for the 12/4 timing case, will be a fit for E707 – the stud for the 9hp induction manifold.

We ensure that the fastenings supplied are to the required specification as getting small stocks of BSF fastenings have become increasingly difficult over the years. By example, the 7/16” BSF head nuts we supply as part number E716 are full thread (made in En16r steel), have the appropriate medium fit thread and are heat-treated post manufacture to give 45-55 tons/Sq inch tensile strength. A very different component to the off-the-shelf 7/16” BSF nut.

Don’t forget we are here to help.

Featured Images

Our photograph this time is a an artisitc selection of the many bolts and fixings that we have in stock.